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Hi there!

Thanks for stumbling upon my website. In case you didn’t know, I’m Rachel and I am a freelance traditional artist and graphic designer who currently lives and works in Cork, Ireland.

To give you a little snapshot into my life – I am 24 and have studied languages, public relations, new media as well as graphic design (my most recent course). I have always loved art and love to do it in my free time.

While I am extremely versatile in my choice of subject matter, I particularly love to draw people (including celebrities and fictional characters), animals, scenery, buildings and do replications of old paintings. My choice of medium is equally broad as I use everything from colouring pencil to acrylic paints.

In terms of graphic design, I have experience creating logos, posters, stationery and promotional material, all of which I enjoy creating in the Adobe suite.

While I complete this work for enjoyment, I am free for commission work and will sell prints & originals for a fair price in my shop. Check out my contact page if you would like more details.