How to create a Complex Seamless Pattern from Watercolours

Introduction In this blog post, I will describe how to create a complex seamless pattern from watercolours. To create a simple pattern, see How to create a Pattern in Adobe¬†Illustrator. Prerequisites To create a complex pattern using my methods, ensure that you have access to the following items first: Good quality watercolour paint and paperContinue reading “How to create a Complex Seamless Pattern from Watercolours”

How to set up a successful Redbubble Shop

Note: For the purposes of this blog post, I have set up a second Redbubble account from scratch. View my main Redbubble account here. Over the past year (2020), I have had some moderate success selling my art on Redbubble. As a primarily traditional artist, I had previously excluded myself from platforms like Redbubble, thinkingContinue reading “How to set up a successful Redbubble Shop”