Getting started with Photoshop ebook: 10 simple tips and lessons


Want to learn Photoshop, but don’t know how to start? Scroll to learn more about my downloadable PDF ebook.


“Getting started with Photoshop: 10 simple tips and lessons” is a downloadable PDF ebook designed to help you learn Photoshop. This ebook, written and designed exclusively by Rachel Hill Art, best suits the following people:

  • Those who have a creative hobby or profession, and therefore have a regular use for Photoshop.
  • People who want to take existing images of their work, and apply effects or manipulation.
  • Those who want to present their images online in a more refined manner, and improve their workflow processes.
  • People who have some basic experience with Photoshop (but this is not essential).

What you need before downloading this ebook

  • Access to Adobe Creative Cloud to download Photoshop. Download Photoshop from this website with a plan that best suits you. Version 2019 or 2020 suffices for the lessons in this ebook.
  • A MacBook (preferred) or Windows laptop/computer.
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro to read the PDF.
  • A willingness to learn Photoshop and patience.

So what’s actually included in this ebook?

  • 17 pages of 10 tips that you will reuse over and over as a Photoshop user.
  • Screenshots and videos NOT included on my Instagram feed.
  • Unlimited support from Rachel Hill Art.