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I am enough

This is a watercolour painting on canvas featuring one of my favourite quotes or affirmations ‘I am enough’. During these tough Covid times, I like to try surround myself with positive words like the ones in this quote.

In the past year, I’ve been reading a lot more about the importance of declarations and speaking positively to yourself. I learned that any sentence that begins with ‘I am’ holds huge power. Saying ‘I am enough’ affirms the belief that we are all enough and we do not need to pretend to be anyone else.

To create this inspiring artwork, I used an Exerz watercolour canvas, Marie’s watercolours and WLOT brushes. I wanted this painting to emit positivity so I used bright colours and watercolour florals. I loved creating this artwork and if you would like to buy any merchandise, check it out on my Redbubble.

I am enough

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