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Floral Border

In October 2020, I started an online course called ‘Watercolour Florals for Graphic Design’ by Teela Cunningham. I wanted to improve my watercolour painting skills and learn more about assembling floral arrangements. As part of this course, I learned how to create a floral border in Photoshop. See the example at the end of this blog post.

To create the floral border, I had to paint various watercolour florals and foliage by hand. Then, I scanned all the paintings at 600 dpi. I imported the paintings into Photoshop so that I could enhance the colour and remove the white backgrounds. Finally, using freehand references, I arranged some of the florals and foliage into a corner bouquet with Photoshop.

I really enjoyed creating the corner bouquet and love the final result. It was also a great opportunity to merge my traditional and digital design skills to create something girly and inspired by nature. To purchase this design on various products, check it out on Redbubble.

floral bouquet
floral bouquet

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