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Bouquet of Flowers

Over the past few months, I’ve enjoyed experimenting with watercolours, especially painting watercolour florals. After my previous commission artwork, I wanted to paint florals only, so I sketched a pretty bouquet of flowers.

Using some previous cards found at home and my own imagination, I drew a bouquet of flowers that contained many different types of flowers, including my favourite – roses. I thought a small size would suit this type of drawing, so I used A5 paper. Following the initial sketch of the flowers on a table near a window, I filled in the main details using watercolour paint.

Working in to out, I slowly added more details to the various flowers in the bouquet. Then, I painted the vase, followed by the table and the window and curtains. Usually my artwork is A4 size or larger, so painting a small artwork was a nice change. I’m hoping to paint many more florals in the next few months, so this painting is only the beginning!

bouquet of flowers

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