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Personalised Wedding Art

My sister wanted a personalised wedding art gift for a friend’s wedding that took place in December 2019. She sent me a lovely and personalised poem that she had written, and then read at the wedding. It made sense to use this special poem for the custom gift.

First of all, I typed up the long poem on A3 sized paper in Indesign, in two columns. Then, I added some suitable graphics such as flowers and hearts for the border. Finally, I printed the design.

With A3 paper and a light pencil, I measured out the lines for the calligraphy. I lightly wrote out the poem before using my Amazon calligraphy pens, to avoid any writing mistakes. I chose a calligraphic writing style as this is often used in wedding invitations.

When the calligraphy dried, I lightly drew the graphics for the border. Afterwards, I used watercolour paint to fill in the graphics. In comparison to my other paintings, I kept my painting style very loose. I felt a loose style would suit the wedding theme better.

Overall, this personalised wedding art took two months to complete in my free time. I really enjoyed creating this artwork, and experimenting with calligraphy and watercolours.

Personalised Wedding Art

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