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Billie Eilish

The painting below is a depiction of the song ‘Everything I wanted’ by Billie Eilish. After listening to this poignant song, I felt compelled to paint my representation, especially since I’m a big fan of Billie’s music.

Initially, this song may sound depressing, particularly in the following line I’ve highlighted:

Thought I could fly, so I stepped off the Golden. Nobody cried, nobody even noticed.

While the song is a about a dream where Billie jumps off the Golden Gate bridge, it is also about the relationship with her brother and their special bond.

I created the original image in Photoshop using a double exposure effect. This allowed me to capture both a portrait of Billie and the Golden Gate bridge in the same frame. I used bright watercolours and colouring pencils to show while there is darkness, there is also light and hope in this song.

Billie Eilish

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