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One of my 2020 art goals was to draw more portraits again. For the past three years, I mainly focused on drawing landscapes. I took a hiatus from drawing portraits as I drew every person who inspired me, plus I felt less inspired by other people and more by travel and nature.

While it was good change and a chance to explore landscapes in more detail, I missed drawing the human face. Over time, I began to feel inspired by people again, and one of them was the singer Halsey. The more I listened to Halsey’s popular lyrics, the more I resonated with her words and experiences.

When I had the opportunity to start a portrait of Halsey, I wanted it to be different to my previous portrait style. So I found my favourite photo of Halsey online and edited it in Photoshop. Below is the final drawing.

Halsey drawing by Rachel Hill
Halsey – final drawing

I’m very happy with the final result above and am looking forward to drawing more portraits this year. Let me know what you think!

Bonus content

I’ve also added a process video to show you how I created the drawing from start to finish.

Halsey process video

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