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Three Postcards for an Exhibition

I recently completed three postcards for an exhibition taking place in April and May 2020. Currently, I cannot name the exhibition, but will closer to the time. All I can say is that the exhibition will take place in both Cork and Dublin, and all three postcards will be for sale for a good cause.

As no theme was provided, I based all three postcards on the theme of ‘home’. I am originally from West Cork, a place renowned for its scenic beauty. Since postcards are usually popular with tourists or Irish living abroad, I thought that many people would be aware of and appreciate West Cork scenery at the exhibition.

To get inspiration for the postcards, I picked out three of my own photographs of famous West Cork sights. These sights include The Warren beach, The Beacon and a local fairy forest. For the first and second postcard, I used watercolour paint. The last postcard was done in pencil. To add another distinguishable element to the postcards, I added the name of each place in cursive writing in the bottom right hand corner.

Watercolour painting of The Warren beach postcards
The Warren beach
Watercolour painting of The Beacon in West Cork postcard
The Beacon
Pencil drawing of a fairy forest postcard
Fairy forest

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