Decorating your Home using my Art

In recent years, homeowners have become far more conscious and interested in how they decorate their homes. Gone are the days of simply buying cheap canvas prints from the local store, or hanging the classic ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ accessories. Many new homeowners want to buy art that has significance for them and know who created it.

This shift is great news for the creative industries such as interior design and of course, art – industries often cast aside or neglected. As a traditional artist, some of my commissions hang in various homes, which always brings me great joy to see. I figured a short blog post would be a great way to show how my art is applicable in a range of home settings (and not just on a screen!)

Of course, choosing and buying your favourite pieces of art is only half the battle. You also need to decide where to hang these pieces in your home, and get them mounted and framed. In the examples to follow, I have provided some of my mockups in complementary settings to give you an idea of what colours work together, and what frames might look best.

Sitting room vibes

adele-art-irishart-corkAh the sitting room – personally my favourite space to spend time. If you are a pop music fan, you will love this watercolour painting of Adele. The earthy tones look stunning with a white or a black frame. Why not contrast these earthy tones with a colour pop such as orange above.

This piece (or room colour for this matter) definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s definitely a room statement and a dramatic piece. If you are interested in this piece, check it out in my portfolio.

Making an entrance with your hallway

A colourful painting of the Cape Town Flats by Irish Artist Rachel Hill.Who doesn’t love travelling? Make the entrance to your hallway a memorable one with this colourful painting of the Cape Town Flats. This painting has a bright centre surrounded by lots of white space, so it works well against most backgrounds. I was inspired to create this painting after a trip to Cape Town in 2018.

The mockup above takes on a minimalist feel with the white on white background. The black frame breaks up the use of white, but this piece works equally well with a white frame against a different colour background.

If you love Cape Town and travelling as much as I do, luckily this piece is for sale; check it out here.

Something different for the kitchen

Mix of traditional and digital media graphic of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.

The kitchen is probably one of the toughest places in your home to choose art for. If you love traditional media mixed with some digital media, you will love this Gossip Girl-themed book cover I created at college. This piece is a combination of my original Blair Waldorf portrait and some photoshop magic. I love the end result and feel the colours work so well in a black or a white frame.

Normally, a piece like this would suit a bedroom or an office, but it also looks great in a modern kitchen, especially if you have a dedicated coffee area. It certainly stands out.

If you like this piece, check it out further in my portfolio.

Travel inspiration for the office

Colourful painting of Cinque Terre by Irish Artist Rachel Hill.You’ve probably picked up on my obsession with travel by now. If you have an office in your home, why not brighten it up with some colourful landscape art, such as this Cinque Terre painting. This painting was a commission piece for a friend’s home after she visited Cinque Terre in 2017. The brown tones at the centre of the painting work beautifully with a crisp brown frame.

If you have a dark and dull office, this piece will certainly provide some colour and travel inspiration; it may even distract you from your work temporarily (sorry).

As this piece has an owner, it is not for sale. If you would like a print, contact me directly.

Study buddy

Replica painting of Girl with the Pearl Earring by Irish Artist Rachel Hill.

A study area may be our least favourite place to be, but they need not be with some vibrant artwork. My version of Girl with the Pearl Earring works perfectly in this type of setting. Vermeer is undoubtedly one of my favourite painters, and this painting always fascinated me, to the point I had to create my own version.

If mysterious stories and long gazing looks are your thing, this painting looks great against grey moody tones and wood furniture. You could choose either a light or dark frame for this piece, depending on the mood you’re opting for.

If you like this painting, check it out in my portfolio.

Boudoir Beauty

Portrait of Dirty Dancing characters by Irish Artist Rachel Hill

The bedroom is great place to hang art that has meaning to you, including pictures of people and places. While posters are fun, artwork has more longevity and significance. For example, if you’re a big fan of classic movies, this portrait from the Dirty Dancing movie would look wonderful on your bedroom wall.

This minimalist piece looks particularly well in a black frame set against a neutral colour like grey. It is definitely a piece for an elegant setting.

If you love this piece, check it out further in my portfolio.

Decorating your home should be fun!

I hope this blog post has shown you how my artwork can be used to decorate your home. When choosing artwork for your home, the most important thing is to have fun and choose artwork that means something to you. Don’t choose an artwork because your best friend did, or because a particular artist is popular at the moment. Of course if you’re interested in purchasing any of my work, contact me and I will do my best to help you.




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