Collage Poster

Hi everyone,

So in September this year I began a graphic design course and haven’t had much time to do my usual portraits/paintings (however, I am hoping to get back to these soon.)

As part of my graphic design course, we had to create a collage poster inspired by a favourite song/quote/film. I chose lyrics from one of my favourite songs ‘Team’ by Lorde, who I also admire.

First of all, I created the collage using scraps from magazines and cards. Then I scanned the collage into Photoshop. After a few different ideas, I decided to desaturate the collage (as I realised the piece was very busy with the combination of text and images!!).

I also experimented a lot with different kinds of text in Indesign, but I kept it simple in the end. I tried to mirror the emotions conveyed by the song in the use of different fonts. To add something extra, I added in yellow zig zag lines.

All in all, I think the images, colours and fonts bring together the feelings within the song.

Assignment 1 Rachel Hill

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